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Sometimes you need prices just from your regular subs and suppliers, and other times you may need to reach out to a broader audience to get prices. Either way, you need to communicate the request downstream, get the plans & specifications to them, and hope to receive competitive pricing preferably in a standard format. FTP sites are a nightmare to manage, and do not provide any useful tracking and communication tools. Invitation to Bid (ITB) software can be expensive for you and your subs, and does not provide you with meaningful access to subs, suppliers and manufacturers outside of your known network.

BestBidz EPR

BestBidz EPR, the centralized Electronic Plan Room (EPR) of 12 Local Construction Associations (LCAs) in Ontario with extended reach to the Reed Construction Data (Reed) and Daily
Commercial News (DCN) customer networks, is your one-stop solution to disseminate plans & specifications and get your
company listed as a bidder when you’re looking for pricing from the open market.

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BestBidz On Demand

BestBidz On Demand gives you access to Invitation to Bid (ITB) tools right within the BestBidz EPR (Electronic Plan Room), so you can send out invitations to subs and suppliers using the same interface - from your own contact list or using the BestBidz On Demand Directory. Customizable email templates, document management & distribution capabilities, and activity tracking features help you ensure that you're not left scrambling on bid closing day.

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