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Growing your business requires constant observation of the market to ensure that pre-qualifications and tenders in your area of specialty are promptly and reliably captured. The problem is the large number of websites you have to stay abreast of daily, the logistical challenges of obtaining documents, the inconvenience of accessing and distributing documents that are not in a standard format, and the serious cost of missing an addendum. Not to mention the fees you pay for Invitation to Bid (ITB) software, the pain of using clunky FTP sites, and the hassle of managing usernames and passwords to an overabundance of tendering sites.

BestBidz EPR

BestBidz EPR (Electronic Plan Room) is operated by Ontario’s Local Construction Associations (LCAs) – the expert aggregators of construction pre-qualifications, tenders, plans & specifications, addenda and bid results across Ontario. Like you, construction is all we do, which is why you get construction-specific search features including spec search, all plans & specifications are named & organized by MasterFormat, and soon you will be able to submit online pre-qualifications, tenders and bid surety.

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Want to post an opportunity for sub & supplier pricing? EPR (Electronic Plan Room) members of BestBidz Member LCAs can post opportunities privately in BestBidz On Demand or publicly in the BestBidz EPR absolutely free!

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