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Narrowing tenders down to those that have your materials and divisions specified, and identifying the bidding generals, are critical steps for you to participate in the bidding process. Search features on most tendering websites only search the tender ad, and not the specifications, so you’re forced to download the entire document set for every tender and manually look through each file. That is if the tender is even public, which in today’s market is becoming increasingly scarce due to changing tendering practices, making it difficult for you to find the right tenders.

BestBidz EPR

BestBidz EPR (Electronic Plan Room) is operated by Ontario’s Local Construction Associations (LCAs) – subject matter experts who know that you can quickly find what you need if the files follow the MasterFormat naming convention. You can preview the files, use the built-in takeoff tools, and download only the sections you need. BestBidz also provides you with a Spec Search feature, so you can pinpoint projects and receive automated notifications of projects matching your specified keyword(s).

BestBidz On Demand

Plan holders lists help you find bidding generals and subs, but they are not always available, and lucrative private sector projects may not even be known about publicly. Getting in front of GCs and subs at the right time when they are looking to invite suppliers can make the difference. By registering on the BestBidz On Demand Directory free of charge, your company can expand its reach into projects you may never hear about otherwise. Register now and start receiving invitations from general contractors using BestBidz On Demand!

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