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Using BestBidz to Find an Opportunity

Business success in the construction industry begins with the ability to find tenders and plans & specifications quickly and reliably. Missing tenders because you have to check dozens of owners’ websites, government tendering websites & FTP sites for new projects and addenda can seriously compromise your company’s ability to win competitive bids.

BestBidz EPR

BestBidz EPR, the centralized Electronic Plan Room (EPR) of 12 local construction associations (LCAs) in Ontario, provides you with one-stop access to the best coverage of public & private construction tenders and plans & specs from across Ontario in one place. Let our expert staff worry about searching for tenders and obtaining plans & specs, so you can focus on bidding.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Public & private sector tenders, documents and bidders lists
  • Plans & specifications organized by MasterFormat divisions
  • Construction-specific search features including spec search
  • Ontario-wide Bid Calendar to help you plan bidding activity
  • Free built-in on-screen takeoff, annotation & sharing tools

BestBidz On Demand

BestBidz On Demand, the official Invitation to Bid (ITB) solution of Ontario’s Local Construction Associations (LCAs), enables subs, trades, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers to register on the BestBidz On Demand Directory free of charge, so they can be found by general/prime contractors across Canada who are looking for prices and product recommendations from companies like yours.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Free registration on the BestBidz On Demand Directory
  • Get in front of active generals & primes bidding on projects
  • Register by MasterFormat Divisions – more relevant invitations
  • No annual commitment – small monthly fee to access documents
  • Unlimited access to projects you are invited to by any GC

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