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  • The One Word Problem with Brexit June 24, 2016
    My immediate reaction upon waking up this morning and hearing voters in the United Kingdom had chosen to leave the European Union (EU) was, “Who needs this?”
  • Logistics key to Orangeville control plant expansion June 24, 2016
    A $27 million, three-year expansion and upgrade of an Orangeville, Ont. water pollution control plant is as much about logistical planning as it is construction.
  • Stormwater levy rollouts begin to see a surge June 24, 2016
    When residents of Mississauga, Ont., got their water bills in March, they found a new charge had been added to them — a stormwater levy.
  • History uncovered at NOTL plant build June 24, 2016
    Known for its scenery and as the home of the Shaw Festival, Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) is one of Ontario’s oldest communities and that status is mirrored in the multitude of artifacts collected on the site of the town’s new $43-million wastewater treatment plant.
  • Out with the old in Vancouver watermain upgrades June 24, 2016
    Replacing aging infrastructure can pose new and unusual challenges for cities across Canada. The final phase of a three-kilometre project nearing completion in Vancouver is a good example.
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